Eagle Eye 2.0 is a fleet tracking software system that supports billing & business processes, route scheduling, geofencing, reporting, GPS tracking, fleet management and data analytics.

Your Business at the Click of a Button

  • Drag and drop route building
  • Auto track route times
  • Bid jobs more efficiently and accurately
  • Save on payroll, lost time opportunities
  • Document delivery of services for your customers
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Simple Auto ​Routing and Time Reporting Software

Spending hours on manual route building and time reporting is now a thing of the past. Use Eagle Eye, a GPS tracking software, to auto account for job time by route, vehicle, or driver, with simple, intuitive reports. Auto schedule routing, with the ability to drag and drop when route changes arise. Spend more time focusing on serving your customers. Basic Edition is free!

Track Your Team on the Go

"Within the first two months, we documented savings of 30 hours a week on payroll by using the Eagle Eye Tracking software. When you take our hourly employee rate of pay and multiply that by 30 hours times 52 weeks a year you come up with significant savings."
Gene Stacy - CSS Industries

Trusted by Leaders in the Mobile Workforce Industries

CSS Industries is an integrated power sweeping company with over 40 employees in Connecticut. Their services include parking lot sweeping warehouse scrubbing and on-site sweeping for large construction projects.

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Easily Manage Your Mobile Workforce With Our Fleet Tracking Software

The software and coordinated cell phone app allow you to always keep track of your team's job times, through sophisticated dispatched routes to a smart device. With the ability to track drivers' time while they're on the road or at a job site, your entire team becomes more efficient.

​The ​integration of optional ​Standard ​GPS helps your office to coordinate route scheduling, instantly locate equipment, and anticipate expected arrival times for specific jobs.

The option of Advanced GPS integration, when used for example, in street sweeping management, can tell you when a driver is in or out of their seat, and can track when sweeping brushes or brooms are up or down, along with route identification.​ ​ At the end of a work period or even months later, you can review reports telling exactly what was done and when.

Track Your Team on the Go

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