Fleet Vehicle Real Time Location Monitoring


Location Monitoring displays job information graphically to maximize on site efficiency, allowing you to see the location of the driver and the route progress.  It provides optimized routing from the starting point to job sites and to the drivers return, thereby improving efficiency and empowering confidence to grow and expand your wheel-based fleet business.


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Eagle Eye Tracking software’s GPS means Guaranteed Performance Satisfaction®

Eagle Eye’s GPS empowered Location Monitoring provides operations with real world / real time information regarding fleet activities from the moment your equipment leaves a location to whenever it returns and everything in between.

With Vehicle Location Monitoring owners are instantly provided valuable data regarding daily operations and post job feedback. Owners can pinpoint their drivers’ location as they execute the assigned routes and the driving between assigned jobs, review jobsite activities and coach drivers on the most efficient method of commencing and concluding the job and even know when the ignition is on.

Should it be necessary, Location Monitoring can assist managers in optimizing rerouting or rescheduling a job to maximize a driver’s time and assure compliance with customer service expectations.

Displays job information graphically to maximize on site efficiency.  Should it be necessary, Location Monitoring can assist managers in optimizing rerouting or rescheduling a job to maximize a driver’s time and assure compliance with customer service expectations.

Software Benefits at a Glance

For Management…

  • Provides critical information allowing them to maximize the utilization of equipment and the return on their equipment investment.
  • Delivers time sensitive input to assure smooth and satisfactory job completion.
  • Assures contractual agreements are met.
  • Enhances planning for equipment maintenance scheduling.
  • Can see the location of the driver, the route progress.
  • Empowers confidence to grow and expand business.

For Operators…

  • Receives on board detailed input regarding each job
  • Displays job information graphically to maximize on site efficiency
  • Provides optimized routing from start point to job sites and return
  • Improves efficiency

For Customers…

  • Assures scheduling is maintained
  • Confirms all agreed upon work is completed to satisfaction
  • Minimizes the potential for billing errors

Universal Eagle Eye Tracking Software Advantages

Eagle Eye 2.0 is a web based, mobile friendly business enterprise software system that integrates job and optimized route scheduling, billing and numerous business reporting processes into a single operating platform.

  • Dynamic customer and job management
  • Drag and drop job scheduling and optimized route building
  • Route dispatch to any smart device with job and driving instructions
  • Eagle Eye’s integrated GPS fleet tracking, auto tracks routes and job productivity
  • Monitor job performance efficiently and accurately
  • Improve equipment utilization
  • Process Gate-to-Gate payroll for improved efficiency
  • Document delivery of services for your customers
  • Provide service verification access portal to select customers
  • Create customizable service proposals and flexible field service reports
  • Improves intra company communication
  • Empowers management for business growth
  • Mobile friendly from anywhere in the world!

With Eagle Eye Tracking software, you now have the ability to monitor, optimize, and control your business and fleet operations at the click of a button.

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Our fleet and mobile workforce management software will optimize business operations for field service industries such as snow removal, towing, waste hauling, pest control, lawn care and landscaping, street sweeping mobile-based security, as well as for municipal organizations.