Ready-Mix Concrete Business & Fleet Management Software

Ready-Mix Concrete Business & Fleet Management Software

Software for Fleet Management to Track Every Aspect of Your Ready-Mix Concrete Workforce & Assets With Ease



Eagle Eye 2.0 is a fleet and field service tracking software system that simplifies and supports paperless dispatch, billing and business processes, route optimizing and scheduling, geofencing, reporting, GPS tracking, fleet management and data analytics.

Fleet Management & Business Software

Whether in the Office or in the Field;
Your Concrete Delivery Business is at the Click of a Button

    • Job Center-create work orders and detail the customer’s service requirements for your driver/technician.
    • Paperless Dispatch – go from paper to paperless and dispatch routes to your mobile workforce’s tablet or phone
    • Drag and drop route building–optimize your ready-mix concrete fleet’s schedule with built in audible driver instructions to the job site.
    • Auto track route times– locate equipment and a route’s progress in real time
    • Route Record– historically review and organize jobs completed for more efficient and accurate billing.
    • Billing Export– integrates with your existing billing and payroll service

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Optimize Concrete Delivery Operations

Eagle Eye Tracking software is a powerful and easily utilized software system that simplifies and optimizes operations of your ready-mix concrete business dispatch requirements. We provide paperless dispatch, the ability to view and track job performance using dashboards, and confirm deliveries using your PC or mobile device.

Our fleet management and truck scheduling software will save you time and money as it efficiently optimizes, schedules, and routes concrete ready mix deliveries, provides paperless dispatch, manages employees, and continually updates records. You can instantly employ the drag and drop job scheduling and route building features with any smart device to notify your truck operator and customer of any updates or changes made to the route or schedule. While the software incorporates and supports a completely paperless feature, printed work orders can also be generated as needed.

Whether in the office or in the field on a job site, efficiently monitor and control your ready-mix business at a click of a button. Optimize and track your entire operation using the data to support your decision making. Know where your profits are coming from – what gets measured, gets managed! The software seamlessly auto tracks route and job productivity times. It offers geo-fencing, as well as integrated GPS, and will provide precise and audible driving directions. You will reduce drive time, down time, and costs, while simultaneously increasing productivity and profit.

Software for Fleet Management & Business Operations

Streamline Your Concrete Delivery Business

Make it streamlined! Keep management, ready-mix truck operators, and customers current on the status of service requests, concrete mix deliveries and changes via the Job Center. It will create customizable service proposals as well as flexible field service reports. Document concrete truck dispatch and delivery of services for your customers, and permanently include any photos or notes the ready-mix truck operator sends from the job site into the customer’s record. This complete mobile service report is then available to both the satisfied customer and your operation’s office.

This web based mobile software optimizes time with its ability to keep the customer database current. Allowing you to sort, retrieve, and review customer information instantly, and utilizing a paperless integrated billing process to assure prompt and accurate invoicing. Increase your ready-mix concrete dispatching productivity and efficiency, eliminate paperwork, reduce errors, and shorten the billing cycle to improve cash flow and your bottom line with Eagle Eye Tracking software. We improve your ready-mix business’s ability to leverage information and make better decisions based on the most reliable, up-to-date information.


Increase Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

Realize the increase in efficiency, ROI, as well as customer satisfaction, when you dispatch your field technicians equipped with Eagle Eye Tracking software on their mobile device. The implementation of the software is quick and easy, on-line training is available, and you can contact our customer service staff 24/7 to insure an efficient administrative and operations process.

See our pricing plans for a detailed description of included features, and prices of our mobile scheduling and paperless dispatching software. Contact us today and take advantage of our free demo!

Our fleet and mobile workforce management software will optimize business operations for other field service industries such as snow removalpest control, lawn care and landscapingstreet sweeping alarm and security, as well as for municipal organizations.


Fleet Management & Business Software

Increase equipment productivity, increase customer satisfaction, increase drivers’ efficiency, while reducing your ready-mix truck’s idle time, with Eagle Eye Tracking all-in-one software solution.