Pricing plans tailored to meet your needs


From optimized scheduling, routing, and dispatching of your fleet and wheel-based workforce, to a complete business enterprise system, Eagle Eye Tracking software has a plan that will work for you.




Manage unilimited # of customers

Job work order center

(unlimited #)

Route builder with drag and drop feature

Print Routes Capable

Job/Route dispatch w/Drive Directions

Smart Device/Job Time & Instructions

Capture/Save On-Job Pics & Documents

Billing Review/Edit By Job & Customer 

Billing Export Compatible With Quickbooks

Flexible Operation Analysis Feature

GPS Enhanced Reporting

Route Performance Record

View Routes and Jobs Performed

View Real Time Vehicle Location

Route and Job Exception Reports 

Job Performance Reports

IFTA Reporting

Customer API Service Verification Access

Gate to Gate Payroll

Onboard Event Tracking Capture

Secure Access and Storage

Secure Client Access

Multi User Permissions and Restrictions

Daily Back-ups, Real time Data Replication

Rolling 12 month Historical Data Storage


Launc Advisor to Help You Get Started*

StartUp Import Guidance

Weekly Scheduled Phone Support

Unlimited Online Video Training



5 routes/day






per month

10 routes/day



Basic GPS (integration)


per month (per vehicle)







Premium GPS (integration)


per month (per vehicle)




Optional Available Software Features:

App Messaging Capability: $25.00/M
Fleetio Vehicle Maintenance Integration: $1.95/M/V
IFTA Reporting: $1.95/M/R
Customer API Service Verification Access: $2.95/M/R
Gate-to-Gate Payroll Report: $4.95/M/R
Additional Storage/12 Month Increments: $0.49/M/R
Customizable KPIs: (Quoted)

Basic Plan Details – Four user access, 5 routes/24hr period. $99.00/M/R for each additional route. No additional StartUp features are available and no Optional Available Features can be added. Adding GPS integration includes the Enhanced Reporting Features.

StartUp Plan Details – Four users, 10 routes/24hr period. $14.95/M/R for each additional route with 2 additional users with every 1-5 additional routes purchased in 5 route increments. A 5% per route discount applies after 15 routes with an additional 1% for each 5 routes thereafter to a 25% maximum.

GPS Integrations – Rates based on a 3-year service agreement with $5/M/V applied toward the lease of the onboard fleet tracking GPS data collector device. Service terms less than 3 years will amortize the lease fee proportionately. A defective device will be replaced at no additional cost upon return of the original device. Failure to return a GPS device for replacement, or upon termination of service, will result in a $200 fee per device. Addition fees apply for purchase of the seat switch and chassis diagnostics harness. Four (4) onboard events are included with Premium GPS. Additional onboard events, up to six (6) maximum will be assessed at $1.50/M/V each. Enterprise system must be in use to activate GPS integration.

Flexible Operational Analysis Examples: Revenue analysis per hour or total – queried by any combination of vehicle class, vehicle number, job class, billing class, driver, route, service description or state for any date range from a single day, single month, month-to-date or year-to-date with export capability.

Fuel analysis by gallons or cost per hour or mile – queried by vehicle class, vehicle number or fleet for any date range from a single day, single month, month-to-date or year-to-date with export capability.

Job Performance Report includes date range query by driver.

M = month
V = vehicle
R = route

*Launch Support is free for the registered users at implementation. New users will be trained for an hourly fee.

Maximize efficiency and savings, minimize time and costs!

Perhaps at this point in your business, you are only looking to optimize your wheel-based workforce and fleet’s scheduling, routing, and dispatch, using a paperless approach, while improving communications and efficiencies amongst your mobile workforce.  Eagle Eye Tracking will do these things efficiently and seamlessly.

Or perhaps you are looking for a software system that will accomplish those things and much more:  GPS tracking, monitoring of job performance, documenting delivery of services, billing, analytics, job costing, and Gate-to-Gate® payroll.   Eagle Eye Tracking is a business enterprise software system that is dynamic and fluid.  It will grow with you and grow your business!

Eagle Eye Tracking Software was created and developed by business owners, who were once in your shoes, and understand the pain points and challenges encountered when managing the operations of a mobile workforce and wheel-based fleet. We get it, and we provide the solution.

Ready to transform both your business and your life?

Eagle Eye Tracking Software Advantages

  • Dynamic customer and job management
  • Drag and drop job scheduling and optimized route building
  • Route dispatch to any smart device with job and driving instructions
  • Integrated GPS fleet tracking, auto tracks routes and job productivity
  • Monitor job performance efficiently and accurately
  • Improve equipment utilization
  • Process Gate-to-Gate® payroll for improved efficiency
  • Document delivery of services for your customers
  • Provide service verification access portal to select customers
  • Create customizable service proposals and flexible field service reports
  • Improves intra company communication
  • Empowers management for business growth
  • Mobile friendly from anywhere in the world!




Eagle Eye Tracking enterprise software allows you to monitor and control your wheel-based service business, of remote employees and equipment, at the click of a button.