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Make It Easy

Simplify your remote mobile workforce business management with our all-in-one cloud-based platform for fleet and field service operations.  Schedule jobs, optimize routes, dispatch, and monitor your fleet in real time and integrate with your billing or payroll service. Paperless features improve workforce efficiency and accuracy by dispatching techs with information needed to perform services.

Software for Fleet Management & Business Operations
Optimizing scheduling for mobile workforce

Make It Streamlined

Our software allows you to create work orders and detail the customer’s service requirements for your driver/technician, and easily plan and schedule daily, weekly, or monthly routes. Schedule jobs more efficiently, optimize routes, dispatch your fleet, locate equipment, and monitor a route’s progress in real-time while making adjustments as needed. Utilizing route records and reports allows you to historically review jobs so you can plan better routes, dispatch drivers at the last minute, and organize jobs completed for more efficient and accurate billing.  Conveniently, Eagle Eye Tracking software integrates with your existing billing and payroll service.

In addition, visual dashboards and easy export of reports provide insights that will improve workforce efficiency, productivity, and time management.  Users can make decisions to help reduce operating costs, become more efficient, as well as improve response times.

Optimizing scheduling for mobile workforce

Use Our Solutions

Eagle Eye Tracking supports daily workflows, eliminates paper, automates tasks, and connects techs to the office, giving insight into your fleet’s performance, and allowing for increased productivity.  Whether in the office or in the field, your business is at the click of a button!  Maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and get back the time you need to grow your business.


  • Dynamic customer and job management
  • Drag and drop job scheduling and route building
  • Route dispatch to any smart device with job and driving instructions
  • Integrated GPS auto tracks routes and job productivity
  • Monitor job performance efficiently and accurately
  • Improve equipment utilization
  • Process Gate-to-Gate payroll for improved efficiency
  • Document delivery of services for your customers
  • Provide service verification access portal to select customers
  • Create customizable service proposals and flexible field service reports
  • Improves intra company communication
  • Empowers management for business growth
Fleet Management & Business Software

Eagle Eye 2.0 is a fleet and field service tracking software system that simplifies and supports billing and business processes, route optimizing and scheduling, geofencing, reporting, GPS tracking, fleet management and data analytics.