Software Support

The team at Eagle Eye Tracking is committed to providing endless support to our customers. Email, LinkedIn, or even over-the-phone; we are easily accessible. Your success in enterprise integration is what makes our success. In addition to our accessibility, we also provide online tutorials that walk you through the different features and aspects of our Eagle Eye Tracking technology.

All Eagle Eye Tracking Tutorial Videos can be found on our YouTube Channel via this link.

You can also browse our available video tutorial library below:

Eagle Eye Training Module 1.1-1.3:
Route Builder, Create Routes, Assign Drivers, Names or Numbers and Jobs

Eagle Eye Tracking shows you how to assign drivers to routes, names or numbers to routes, and jobs to routes. Our easy-to-manage software helps you get more done!

Eagle Eye Training Module 2.1-2.4:
Route Record, GPS Activity, Tracking, Route Information

Eagle Eye Tracking training modules help you understand the components of route record, GPS tracking activity, and route information. We make it easy for you to navigate our system!

Eagle Eye Training Module 3.1-3.3:
Billing and Rate Adjustments in Route Builder/Records

Eagle Eye Tracking training leads you through job center billing, rate adjustments in route builder, and connections between rates in route builder and route records.

Eagle Eye Training Module 4.1-4.2:
Service Proposals and Service Calls

Eagle Eye Tracking provides training on how to create service proposals in the Customer Center, and what to do when you receive a service call and need to backfill job information.

Eagle Eye Tracking Training Module 6.1:
Create and Dispatch Routes in Route Builder

Eagle Eye Tracking allows users to create and dispatch routes on the Route Builder. This feature allows the user easily schedule and assign jobs.

Eagle Eye Tracking Training Module 7.1:
Assign Drivers and Unit Numbers in Route Builder

Eagle Eye Tracking allows users to assign drivers and unit numbers in Route Builder. This feature will keep a record of what drivers are operating particular vehicles.

Eagle Eye Tracking Training Module 8.1:
Track Vehicles in GPS Tracking Integration

Eagle Eye Tracking’s GPS Integration feature allows users to track vehicles in their fleet and seamlessly auto-generate production and billing related reports.

Eagle Eye Tracking Training Module 9.1:
Perform Job Geofencing in the GPS Tracking Integration

Eagle Eye Tracking provides service verification, route records and reports through Geofencing and GPS Tracking Integration, providing the operational information you need at your fingertips.

Eagle Eye Tracking Training Module 10.1:
Access Customer/Client Job Services in GPS Tracking Integration

Eagle Eye Tracking’s GPS Integration gives users the capability to access customer job performance reports through Geofencing. This feature records the path of a vehicle on the job so you can confidently communicate about your service with customers.

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 12:
Basics of Billing in Billing Export

Eagle Eye Tracking Training gives you the knowledge you need to set up basic billing with ease!

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 14:
Customer Center Tasks

Eagle Eye Tracking Training teaches you how to save files, documents, and pictures in your Customer Center, so you can always stay organized!

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 15:
Follow Leads

Eagle Eye Tracking Training shows you how to follow leads and set up task reminders in the Customer Center so you can do more in less time!

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 16:
Create Job and Job Contacts

Eagle Eye Tracking Training helps you create job and contacts in the customer center with just a few clicks of a button!

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 17:
Save Files, Documents, and Pictures

Eagle Eye Tracking Training helps you understand how to save files, documents, and pictures all in one place!

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 18:
Create Billing Instruction with Service Descriptions

Eagle Eye Tracking makes it simple to create billing instruction with service descriptions, rates, and quantities.

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 19:
Create Service Instructions for Jobs

This video from Eagle Eye Tracking helps you create service instructions for ongoing, expiring, and expanded jobs.

Eagle Eye Training Tracking 20:
Create Recurring and One-Time Jobs

Video 20 will help you set up your jobs easily and efficiently in the Customer Center

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 21:
Job Sequencing in Route Builder

Eagle Eye Tracking System helps you sequence jobs in our Route Builder

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 23:
Job Specific Information in Route Builder

Eagle Eye Tracking makes sue customers are prepared by understanding how each facet of the system works!

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 24: Total Route Time, Revenue, and Job Time in Route Builder
Eagle Eye’s software makes it simple for see total route time, revenue, and job time so you never have to wonder what’s happening!

Eagle Eye Tracking Training 25: Print Route Sheets and Dispatch Routes in Route Builder
Keeping up with routes is easy with Eagle Eye Tracking Software. Let it do the work for you!

Eagle Eye tracking Training 26: Input Driver Job, Route Pictures, and Notes in Route Builder
Let Eagle Eye’s tracking system help keep your records up-to-date!

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